A Good Day to BBQ

As the sun begins to set on one of the most exciting chapters of my life, I reminisce on the memories that I’ve accumulated over the years; the friends that I hold dear to my heart, the good times that I will forever recall fondly, and the hard times that have taught me valuable experience. It seems like only yesterday.

But to grovel in nostalgia is the utmost redundant thing to do in a situation like this. Time is of the essence, as they say.

And with what little time I have left in writing this chapter, I intend to glorify the moments in which love, friendship, and spiritual mirth is ever-present.

Through the Fog

Swizz Beats

The word ‘Photography’ is derived from the Greek ‘photos’ for light and ‘graphos’ for drawing.

In other words, the artist at hand here is light. And what photographers essentially do is somehow capture and, at times, manipulate what would otherwise be a straightforward photograph as a means of “creating” an image rather than simply recording it.

Captured above is an artwork by light, recorded and manipulated by yours truly. The incredibly talented Swizz Beatz gave nothing less than a great performance at the 1Malaysia Penang International Charity Drive concert on the 20th of April, 2013.

The Blue Jeans


“Creative without strategy is called ‘art.’ Creative with strategy is called ‘advertising’.” – Jef I. Richards

During my 3rd semester we were given 5 different advertising campaigns to create. And this was definitely one of the most enjoyable print ads I’ve worked on.

It would be unethical of me to hog all the credit though, one of my brilliant classmates helped me with the photo editing.




The art of photography, an art that has been commercialized to an almost invaluable extent.

When I was first introduced to a DSLR (Digital Single-Lens Reflex) camera and was given the opportunity to be involved in an art form I have never thought to purse, I was surprisingly disinterested.

I thought, this looks easy, and it doesn’t seem to involve much creativity. I was radically incorrect.

I was lucky enough to be around a group of creative minds who dabbled with all sorts of art forms, including photography. As a person who is easily attracted to new ways to be challengingly creative, naturally, I was ready to give photography a second chance with a new perspective. This was mainly due to my progressive exploration of different types of photography as I matured in my field, which is creative at its core.

Upon borrowing a friend’s Nikon D3100, I began to indulge in a new obsession, a new passion that I intend to pursue relentlessly, aiming to capture the essence of a moment in a timeless modern art form.

This is my first photograph, taken in my room. It is of a handmade wooden box, with a metallic lid, that I received as a gift from a friend’s trip to Thailand.

More of my “attempted” photography will be posted every now and then, as long as I deem them worthy of the Blogway.