Video Editorial: Destination Jeddah

Once upon a time, I worked for a great little magazine in Saudi Arabia called Destination Jeddah. They do monthly editorials on all the hot happenings around town, covering everything from fashion, food, events, and local public interest pieces. As part of my several roles there, I presented and produced a little video editorial of a fantastic photo-shoot scheduled as the headliner of that month’s issue (March 2014). Check it out…

TV Commercial Production

The most fun I’ve had working on a project has definitely got to be the Beats by Dre earphone commercial we directed back in film school. This was¬†a group project designed to simulate the production of a television/online video advertisement. I chose this particular product due its notoriety at the the time we created this. Everyone was going crazy over the new Beats, and I felt this was a good way to channel some creative direction while immersing myself and the rest of the crew in some old school hip hop vibes. Check it out, below.

PURE Brandz Advertising Campaign

My first semester in the Masters program at Bond University certainly proved to be a creative challenge. In our Advertising Masterclass we were assigned a client for which to construct a complete advertising campaign including print, video, and social media. Given my design background, I was happy to come control of the creative aspect of project. Below are some of the promotional material I designed for PURE Snow, a snow sport line of gear and apparel produced by PURE Brandz.

Rabbit Radio Promotional Artwork

I’ve recently joined an incredible team of creative folk working at Rabbit Radio, an Internet-based community radio station operating from Miami Marketta on the Gold Coast. I was given the exciting opportunity to host and produce my own show as well as a chance to do some design work that I’ve been lacking significantly. Below are some of the posters and other promotional design I’ve worked on this past year.

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