The art of photography, an art that has been commercialized to an almost invaluable extent.

When I was first introduced to a DSLR (Digital Single-Lens Reflex) camera and was given the opportunity to be involved in an art form I have never thought to purse, I was surprisingly disinterested.

I thought, this looks easy, and it doesn’t seem to involve much creativity. I was radically incorrect.

I was lucky enough to be around a group of creative minds who dabbled with all sorts of art forms, including photography. As a person who is easily attracted to new ways to be challengingly creative, naturally, I was ready to give photography a second chance with a new perspective. This was mainly due to my progressive exploration of different types of photography as I matured in my field, which is creative at its core.

Upon borrowing a friend’s Nikon D3100, I began to indulge in a new obsession, a new passion that I intend to pursue relentlessly, aiming to capture the essence of a moment in a timeless modern art form.

This is my first photograph, taken in my room. It is of a handmade wooden box, with a metallic lid, that I received as a gift from a friend’s trip to Thailand.

More of my “attempted” photography will be posted every now and then, as long as I deem them worthy of the Blogway.

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